My Photography Portfolio

Captured memories and moments


Authentically western, rugged and full of stories. Preserving the west and the way of the cowboy.

Now traveling to your ranch!


Smiles, laughs and showcasing true personalities. I love to create images that show a person's true colors and natural beauty.

Family and Couples

Memories with your loved ones captured here. Relationships are unique and I strive to show this through my images.


Art through food.


We can't forget about four legged-creatures! I love showcasing all animals, (extra bonus points if you bring pets to your family or portrait sessions).


Agriculture has a story to tell, I enjoy telling it through pictures. Farmers and ranchers work everyday to put food on the table, it is our job to ensure that their story is told positively and correctly.

Nature and Hobbies

Nature and hobbies, beauty found in all things.